Lakeshore Home

Custom Arch Work

Posted by canyonview on 11 February, 2013  /  Blog

Christopher and Devin have been working on the entrance framing at the Lakeshore Home.  Well according to Devin – Christopher starts and he has to finish …. Try to get along  boys  Bin

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Posted by canyonview on 26 October, 2012  /  Blog

I must say that Christopher and crew build a nice looking fence.  ( I did not get to help on this one – have been busy in the office doing year end and updating the website – boo)  The h...

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Sweat Shop

Posted by canyonview on 12 October, 2012  /  Blog

The crew is busy staining all the parts for the new fence on the Lakeshore project.  Good thing we have all the room downstairs…. Need anything stained?  Bin

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Retain That Dirt

Posted by canyonview on 20 September, 2012  /  Blog

We got the retaining walls formed and poured and stripped.  Now start putting the dirt and maze of piping in for irrigation and electrical so we can get the paving stones laid and stairs formed up. ...

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