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Let me introduce you to Lips, he is the joker, one liner, story telling, feet in mouth guy on the crew.  He has owned several business’s in Summerland – Double R Precast, Summerland Excavating, and Big Lift Crane Services.  Big Lift is where he got the nickname from – he would start yelling at me before he got out of his rig so I started calling him Big Lips and now everyone on site calls him Lips.  Being retired and sitting around the house was not what he wanted to do (his wife, bless her sole, probably didn’t want him sitting around is more like the truth) – so he asked Bill for a job.  He keeps telling us he is going to challenge his carpentry ticket now that he has all this knowledge and go out on his own.  The only draw back to that is Journeyman Carpenters shouldn’t be afraid to be more than a foot off the ground.   HA HA HA

Till he gets over his fear we are stuck with him,  Binny


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