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This here is Christopher…. he has his own company but he sub contracts to us on all of our projects, so we consider him ours.  He is the poser, hard worker, run the heavy/crappy equipment, human crane, funny, ham it up guy on the crew.  He worked for us when he was in high school as a labourer on a project ….. we gave him the worst job ever …. vaccumming out a crawl space.  Didn’t complain once and even showed up the next day!  He got is carpentry ticket and worked up north in camp jobs and upon his return to the Okanagan he joined up with us.  He has proved to be a great addition to our company!  He tried to enforce the “company summer hat” program (straw cowboy hats) needless to say he was solo on this program.

Thanks for the laughs,  Binny

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