“Having extended and renovated our Motel using B.Yargeau Contracting as our building contractor, we have nothing but praise for the way in which the team completed the work.  The project turned out not to be as simple and straight forward as originally anticipated but nevertheless the end product as turned out to be a credit to Bill.  I would not hesitate in recommending him to another commericial or residential customer wanting a good job, done in an timely fashion and with an efficient, talanted and friendly crew.”

- E.Spittlehouse, Rosedale Motel, Summerland,BC

“Over the past 35 years Bill Yargeau has built 4 homes for myself, all of which were in Summerland.  He has also built a 20 unit complex on Quinpool Road and a 16 unit complex on Armstrong Street in Summerland.  He also built a raquetball court for me in Penticton.  I also built an owner/builder home in Summerland for my daughter and son-in-law and hired Bill Yargeau for the framing and concrete work.  All the work performed by Bill was built to my satisfaction and with quality workmanship.”

- C.Saraceni, Calgary, AB

“We contracted William Yargeau to do some substantial renovations to our home on Phinney Ave in Summerland.  All the work was completed in a professional manner keeping within the agreed cost parameters.  The integrity of the job was excellent and all work was completed in a timely manner.  I would recommend William Yargeau to anyone requiring someone with an expertise in construction.”

- G.Cossentine, Summerland,BC

“Mr.Bill Yargeau in my opinion is an excellent contractor and a person of fine character.  In 1993 Bill built a new home for me in Summerland.  During the course of construction we found Bill to be most accommodating on any changes that were made.  The end result was a very well built home that has stood the test of time without any structural problems.”

“As a window and door supplier we have also been a supplier to Bill.  He is very well organized and I have never received a complaint from the homeowners he has installed our product for.  When an invoice is sent to Bill, it is paid promptly and never requires a phone call.”

- Ken Ruggles, President – Berdick Mfg. Ltd. Penticton, BC

“Bill Yargeau of Summerland was our general contractor who built our new home on Woods Ave in Trout Creek Summerland.  We chose Bill because he came highly recommended by two of our friends for whom he had built homes.  We were very happy from start to finish with everything Bill did for us.  He never compromised on quality of work or materials.  He advised us all along the way and frequetly presented his own ideas to us, and we implemented many of them.  He is very honest, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  We have no hesitation in highly recommending him for any construction work.  We also found that having Bill as our general contractor insured that all the sub contracting work was taken care of to our satisfaction.”

- N. & J. Jay, Summerland,BC

“Bill Yargeau and his crew did an extensive reno on our home on Bentley Road in Summerland.  The results and workmanship were all that we had hoped for.  We would recommend Bill to a friend without hesitation.  Strong work ethic and knowlege made the project a pleasure.”

- M.Pennigton, Summerland,BC

“Over the past 32 years Bill Yargeau has built 3 houses for us. 2 of them were custom homes with engineering and difficult building sites.  In each case we were very pleased with the end results.  We have had absolutely no problems with workmanship.  Flooring contractors and dry wallers all comment on how square the framing is.  If there is another new home in the future, there is no question who would build it.”

- D. Jenner, Summerland,BC

“My husband and I are very pleased to be able to recommend Bill Yargeau and his crew as builders.  Bill worked on the construction of our house – new and renovated for seven months.  We are impressed with the quality of work, which was completed in a timely manner.  The construction site was organized and supervised.  I was able to discuss the work in progress and the crew was helpful with changes.  The house passed all inspections and the house looks great.”

- S.Lopatecki & D.Cox, Summerland,BC

“Sun-view Industries Ltd. has contracted Bill Yargeau on occasion throughtout the past 30 years.  Bill and his crew have completed numerous building projects ranging from interior leasehold improvements to large commercial structures.”

“The projects were all accomplished in a timely fashion to the absolute satisfaction of the owership group, management team, and all trades involved.  Bill enjoys a reputation of performing quality work at an attractive cost making him one of two contractors whom this orginization uses exclusively.”

- K. Miller, VP & GM Sun-view Industries Ltd. Summerland, BC

“B.Yargeau Contracting was contracted as the builder in the construction of a new residential dwelling on Sutherland Place in Summerland.  The building was a 1600 sq. ft. rancher with a full basement, on a sloping lot.  The project was started in June 1999 and completed in November 1999.  Mr. Yargeau was involved in all phases of construction: he oversaw excavation, completed forming, foundation, framng, and finishing, and coordinated all subtrades and inspections.  He also constructed and exterio retaining wall for the project.

I am completely satisfied with Mr. Yargeau’s work –  the project was completed in a timely manner, with high quality and precision.  Mr. Yargeau’s manner was at all times professional and personable.  I have experienced no problems or deficincies with the building, and would not hesitate to engage Mr.Yargeau for any future projects.”

- C. Hope, Summerland,BC

-”In 1994 B.Yargeau Contracting built our house on English Ave.  We are very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship in every aspect of the home construction.”

“I have also used B.Yargeau Contracting to build a 2000 sq.ft office and store at Summerland Sweets at 6206 Canyonview Road.  This company also completed an 1100 sq. ft. addition to the above building.”

“B.Yargeau Contracting also were in charge of constructing our 6000 sq’ ft’ plant expansion at Summerland Sweets in the summer of 2000.”

“I would be pleased to answer any questions concerning the quality of workmanship completed by B.Yargeau Contracting.”

- L. Filek, Summerland, BC

“We want to thank you for the excellent work you did building our house in Summerland. We were impressed by the recommendations we received about the quality of homes built by you, and you exceeded our expectations for the home you built for us.We were pleased at every step about how you kept us informed.  We were also impressed with how you found solutions to design problems and worked with us to customize our house.  You provided valuable suggestions to design issues throughout the project.  You exceeded the design requirements when your experience told you that there would not be any problems in the future.  Given the difficult lot to build on, we appreciate your care and expertise.  We would be pleased to recommend you to any potential client.”

- F. Wentzell & B. Hunt, Bristow Road, Summerland, BC


“We had an addition onto our Bentley Road commercial building. The work was performed by Bill Yargeau during the Spring of 1999. The job was completed according to plan and was done in an excellent fashion. We have no problems whatsoever with any of the work done and are very happy with all construction.”

“We had our home constructed by Mr.Bill Yargeau during the fall of 1992. We provided the plans and the home was built to specifications.  All construction was completed in a timely and excellent manner.  We have had absolutly no complaints about the building of our home and the structure is very sound.  We are pleased about the work performed and  have taken every opportunity to reccommend Bill to enyone needing building done.”

- B. Hubber, Summerland Engineering Ltd.

Project #1 – Canyon View Road, Summerland, BC

“On this project Bill Yargeau provided general contracting services, as well as concrete and framing work. The quality of the construction met or exceeded expectations and specifications. In situations where blueprints were no specific enough, Mr. Yargeau consistently offered suggestions on how to maintain strength and durability, without introducing changes which might adversely affect the overall design. All subcontractors chosen delivered the same or better level of service and quality of work. The premise sold in 1999 to the first individual that walked through, 4 days after listing, for a price which exceeded expectations, in a declining real estate market.”

Project #2 Nixon Road, Summerland,BC

“This project was built under the auspices of the Homebuilder’s program. Therefore, on this project, Mr.Yarageau was hired as a subcontractor, and performed all services related to concrete and framing to the lock up stage.  The design of this house is extremely complex and required a high standard of care with respect to framing, with a special emphasis placed on the truss system.  All work performed either met or exceeded the specifications and expectations. and again Mr.Yargeau was able to offer many solutions to a myriad of on site problems, related to the complex design of this house.  Again, the final appraisal price has exceeded all expectations.”

- K. Roblesky, Summerland, BC

“Bill Yargeau and his team built our house in 2002. We are very happy with the quality of workmanship and integrity of Bill. We would not hesitate to have him build another house for us. I also built a duplex and some spec houses in Summerland and use Bill for all my projects. I am not developing right now but if I were, Bill Yargeau would be doing the work.”

- P. Seidel, Summerland, BC

“Canyonview Construction completed a total renovation of our home in Summerland, BC in 2010 while we were still living in Calgary, AB. We could not be happier with the end result. Bill Yargeau has loyal trades that have been with him for years. This was evident in the workmanship and service response throughout the project. We received regular financial updates so we always knew where we stood and what was happening next. We highly recommend Bill Yargeau and his Canyonview Construction team for any residential or commercial project.”

- M. Rothfield, Summerland, BC

“Bill Yargeau and his team at Canyonview completed a large office space addition in our new Summerland industrial building in May 2012. The project was properly designed, well constructed, on time and on budget. We will continue to utilize Canyonview for work related construction projects on an as need basis.”

- D. Colpitts, North West Technology Inc., Summerland, BC


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    Canyonview Construction has been operating in Summerland, BC in the Okanagan Valley for almost 40 years under Canyonview Contracting and B. Yargeau Contracting. Canyonview specializes in new home construction, additions & renovation projects, industrial / commercial projects as well as custom projects like barns, docks, pergolas and decks.