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Not So Much Fun

Posted by canyonview on 26 January, 2012  /  Blog

Hmmmm don’t know how I drew the short end of the stick….but got to work in behind the wall today.  I got mud and rocks in my boots, pants, pouch and pockets.   The things ya gotta do to ...

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Posted by canyonview on 18 January, 2012  /  Blog

This here is Christopher…. he has his own company but he sub contracts to us on all of our projects, so we consider him ours.  He is the poser, hard worker, run the heavy/crappy equipment, huma...

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No More Ladder

Posted by canyonview on 12 January, 2012  /  Blog

Finally got the set of stairs built – so no more up and down the ladder to the second floor.  The framing on the second floor is just cruising along.  Soon my favourite part of the job is goin...

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