K. Roblesky, Summerland, BC

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Project #1 – Canyon View Road, Summerland, BC

“On this project Bill Yargeau provided general contracting services, as well as concrete and framing work. The quality of the construction met or exceeded expectations and specifications. In situations where blueprints were no specific enough, Mr. Yargeau consistently offered suggestions on how to maintain strength and durability, without introducing changes which might adversely affect the overall design. All subcontractors chosen delivered the same or better level of service and quality of work. The premise sold in 1999 to the first individual that walked through, 4 days after listing, for a price which exceeded expectations, in a declining real estate market.”

Project #2 Nixon Road, Summerland,BC

“This project was built under the auspices of the Homebuilder’s program. Therefore, on this project, Mr.Yarageau was hired as a subcontractor, and performed all services related to concrete and framing to the lock up stage.  The design of this house is extremely complex and required a high standard of care with respect to framing, with a special emphasis placed on the truss system.  All work performed either met or exceeded the specifications and expectations. and again Mr.Yargeau was able to offer many solutions to a myriad of on site problems, related to the complex design of this house.  Again, the final appraisal price has exceeded all expectations.”

- K. Roblesky, Summerland, BC

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