B. Hubber, Summerland Engineering Ltd., Summerland, BC

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“We had an addition onto our Bentley Road commercial building. The work was performed by Bill Yargeau during the Spring of 1999. The job was completed according to plan and was done in an excellent fashion. We have no problems whatsoever with any of the work done and are very happy with all construction.”

“We had our home constructed by Mr.Bill Yargeau during the fall of 1992. We provided the plans and the home was built to specifications.  All construction was completed in a timely and excellent manner.  We have had absolutly no complaints about the building of our home and the structure is very sound.  We are pleased about the work performed and  have taken every opportunity to reccommend Bill to enyone needing building done.”

- B. Hubber, Summerland Engineering Ltd.

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    Canyonview Construction has been operating in Summerland, BC in the Okanagan Valley for almost 40 years under Canyonview Contracting and B. Yargeau Contracting. Canyonview specializes in new home construction, additions & renovation projects, industrial / commercial projects as well as custom projects like barns, docks, pergolas and decks.