Along with our many years of experience in the Building Industry, we are very fortunate to have had long standing, successful relationships with all of our sub trades, both on the job and in the community.  We share common work ethics, and high quality building standards with our sub trades and can always count on them to deliver the best on all our projects.

Sub Trades


0899563 BC Ltd. – Summerland, BC
Fredrickson Electric Ltd. – Summerland, BC
RMF Electric Ltd. – Naramata, BC
Inglis Enterprises Ltd. – Summerland, BC
Giants Head Drywall Ltd. – Summerland, BC
Senco Heating & Air Conditioning – West Kelowna, BC
Summerland Excavating Services Ltd. – Summerland, BC
G & G Stucco Ltd. – Summerland, BC
Remco Stucco & Stone Ltd. – Kelowna, BC
Gallagher Mechanical Ltd. – Penticton, BC
Streamline Mechanical Ltd. – Summerland, BC
Catalyst Kitchens – Summerland, BC
Medallion Kitchens – Penticton, BC
Scottsdale Concrete Ltd. – Penticton, BC
Big Jay’s Concrete – Penticton
Akribis Construcion – Summerland, BC
Double W Construction Ltd. – Penticton, BC
Serenity Builers Ltd. – Summerland, BC



Timbermart – Summerland, BC
Berdick Manufacturing Ltd. – Penticton, BC
Westeck Windows & Doors – Chilliwack, BC
Plexus Woodworks – Naramata, BC
SRM Concrete Ltd. – Summerland, BC
SRM Sand & Gravel – Summerland,BC
NuFloors – Penticton, BC
Rockworld – West Kelowna, BC
Canadian Cobble Systems – Airdrie, AB
Team Fritz Clay Rood Tiles Inc. – West Kelowna, BC
Accent Living & Design – Penticton,BC

Engineers & Other Professionals

Hillside Engineering Services Ltd. – Penticton, BC
On Top Inspections – West Kelowna, BC
Geoteknik Consulting, Ltd. – Kelowna, BC
Piche Handford Business Lawyers – Penticton, BC
Summerland Chamber Of Commerce And Tourism

Interior Designers

Occupy Design – Vancouver, BC
Jane Dabrowski Designs – Vancouver, BC

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    Canyonview Construction 2012
    Blossom Fruit Stand
    B. Yargeau Contracting 1972
    Habitat for Humanity Summerland
    Catalyst Kitchens 2010
    B. Yargeau Contracting
    Laidlaw Street Summerland
    Canyonview Construction 2012

    Canyonview Construction has been operating in Summerland, BC in the Okanagan Valley for almost 40 years under Canyonview Contracting and B. Yargeau Contracting. Canyonview specializes in new home construction, additions & renovation projects, industrial / commercial projects as well as custom projects like barns, docks, pergolas and decks.